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Davidson provided the voice for Oscar Proud, the father in the Disney animated series The Proud Family.

They refer to it as a “basically hagiology”: Colmore heavily eulogises and glorifies Davison’s life and her death, and there are aspects of the narrative of Davison’s childhood that I personally would call into question – anecdotes, for example, about childhood games involving giving a funeral for dead flies with a large procession, which closely echoes the glory of Davison’s own funeral, and, I would argue, is placed to invoke a poignancy and dramatic irony with the readers knowledge of Davison’s later death and funeral.and Sugar Ray Leonard, and child victim of Homey D. In 1991, he released Illin in Philly, a VHS tape of a stand-up performance, which was aired regularly on Comedy Central in the 1990s, and "On The Strength", another stand-up performance, this time filmed in New York City.He has also appeared in the films Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Strictly Business, Booty Call and Juwanna Mann.By using new forensic techniques to the surviving footage of that tragic day, it now appears she was trying to attach something to the horse, a Suffragette banner or flag of some sort.

She may not have realized how fast race horses travel or the danger of what she was about to do.

Davidson did commercials for Pizza Hut in 2002, talking about the "P'zone Revolution".

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