Who is keith lemon dating

30-Jul-2017 23:03

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show will see them perform their interpretation of popular movies, alongside celebrity guests.

The first episode begins Saturday May 6 at 21.15 on ITV1.

For Dirty Dancing, they will be joined by Larry Lamb, John Barrowman, Jessica Hynes and Kimberley Wyatt.

Keith told Ore - who won the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing - that they had managed to uncover his “embarrassing secret”, before he told viewers and the guests on the ITV2 show that he was scared of birds.

I did Tweet Kylie Minogue asking her to come on, and she said she’d think about it. There’s a lot of lady to handle there, too, with them long legs. Have you ever thought about getting a Royal on the show?

Leigh Francis' alter ego Keith Lemon lets ITV2 cameras follow his day to day life with girlfriend Rosie Parker.

However, although he then insisted that “the studio had been checked for birds,” a toy bird fell from the ceiling and landed on Ore’s head, which he wasn’t best pleased about.

As the host of two of the most bang tidy shows on the box right now, it’s time to catch up with Through The Keyhole and Celebrity Juice’s Keith Lemon, 42, aka Leigh Francis. I tell girls not to give out too many blow jobs because you’ve got to keep them special for your partner.

We have such a good time it’s not really like we’re working. Fearne was planning two and I don’t think Holly’s going to be having any more. But I know what’ll happen – Fearne will bring the new baby on set once she’s given birth and then Holly will get broody again and go have another. Related: Was Fearne angry with you for announcing she was pregnant at the NTAs in January? I’m not really a royalist though, so I don’t take much notice. It makes us quite exotic, having a Royal family in this country.

Do you ever get sick of Holly and Fearne constantly missing shows because they’re pregnant? No, I don’t think she even knew she was pregnant at the time!

The new series will see Keith and Paddy team up to recreate famous Hollywood movies in each 30 minute episode.

Each week the duo will be joined by a group of celebrities who will help them to recreate the famous scenes.He has conducted comedic interviews on The Frank Skinner Show, Loose Women, and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.