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Scattered around are uncannily realistic parts yet to be to assigned a body: Pert little nipples, tidy, bright pink labia, and tufts of pubic hair.

A wall of breasts, from perky to surgically enhanced, displays the many sizes, shapes, and skin tones on offer.

— The workshop of sex doll manufacturer Real Doll is filled with dozens of naked, headless female figures hanging from the ceiling by metal hooks.

Their heads, sculpted with supple, parted lips and adorned in permanent makeup, await them in another room.

They know that real conversations between humans and machines need to cope with light conversation idle talk and humour.

The banter has to get better if we are to use voice or text activated bots regularly. Having never written anything himself, Plato used his name in a series of dialogues, to tutor younger thinkers by asking questions that exposed their inconsistencies and lack of knowledge.

“And of course [these disruptions] disproportionately affects our world’s girls.” Girls and young women “are 90 percent more likely to be out of school in conflict zones than elsewhere and this has a monumental effect on their lives,” she continued, explaining that “more-educated girls and women are more likely to marry later, have more agency over their sexual and reproductive health, and ultimately lead healthier and more economically productive lives.”“For one minute, put on a pair of glasses and call them your ‘gender glasses,’” Patty Alleman, senior gender and development adviser at UNICEF, asked the audience. “We are from a first-world nation so we can’t completely relate with a refugee woman,” Esmerelda, 22, added, “but there is that sense of connection between us as young women.” “And certainly for us, working on a health care app,” Kate, 21, said, “we have more of an understanding of the needs of women whereas a group of men night not understand that.” (“There were a few sort of heavy-blinking moments when talking with the male [group leaders] about periods and menstrual pads,” Patty Alleman added later, “but not, like, total disregard.

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But there’s a scarcity of the type of immense amounts of data spanning over many years it needs to improve. Researchers at Musk’s San Francisco lab are using the news aggregation and discussion site to increase the bank of content available for the AI to study.

In a press release, Open AI research scientist Andrej Karpathy said they are “[training] on entire years of conversations of people talking to each other on all of Reddit.” Anyone who’s scoured the web knows that Reddit houses ample amounts of crude material and offensive language.

You know that bots are coming of age when Google hires comic writers from satirical site The Onion and scriptwriters from Pixar and they're being launched on major learning platforms such as Duolingo.

Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google are all in the chatbot game and dozens of startups are creating bots - Myk Ai (banking), Go Butler (personal assistant), Good Service (Concierge). They’re natural and liberating, more akin to normal human behaviour than other interfaces. The ‘Socratic’ method is exactly that employed by modern bots, though Plato is replaced by the invisible hand of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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Conversational interfaces and conversational commerce have arrived and, as Chris Messina, Uber’s ‘experience’ guy says ‘chat is the new black’. Gartner have predicted that by 2020, 85% of customer interaction will be through bots. What’s given bots wings are recent advances in AI-driven text and speech recognition along with machine learning and deep learning.(What better use can you put your time in the office at POPxo to, right?

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