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The Phoenix Christian Singles 40 Plus Meetup Group is 100% FREE with No Fees Ever! We also have an online community (a Facebook Group) to help single Christians get to know each other better.Visit Phoenix Christian Singles 40 Plus Facebook Group.I felt a little shy about it at first, but then I realized this is my favorite topic and would be a lot of fun!I started a spreadsheet a couple months into dating Jacob with ideas of places to go and things to do.With those in mind and some of the great ideas I’ve seen or gathered via Pinterest- BAM I was at 90!

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Samantha, whose friends call her Sam, grew up in Phoenix and attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., where she was a sideline TV reporter for football and men’s and women’s basketball. SP: Oh, man, that’s a hard question because I feel like everybody has different perceptions, especially now with social media. I know some NFL quarterbacks, and I know what goes on. I’ve seen from the other side as someone working in that kind of industry what the temptations are and what a lot of these guys do and what that lifestyle can be like.I knew what I was looking for, and I certainly knew what I wasn’t looking for. BS: Would you describe your courtship as whirlwind? At the same time, when it’s about your family, you feel different. I thought that would have been the greatest job ever. BS: What is the best story in college football right now?I could tell pretty much immediately who wasn’t the one. I’m like, “Why is this old Florida State quarterback messaging me? I don’t have exact dates when we started talking on Twitter. SP: It didn’t feel like that to me, but my life was like that. He does a really good job of not letting people’s opinions upset who he is. If you’re a dentist, when you get home, do you want to sit around and talk about teeth? This is so far beyond what my dreams were for myself. SP: The best story is, college football is about to start.ESPN sideline reporter and studio co-host Samantha Ponder used to be known as ESPN sideline reporter and studio co-host Samantha Steele. You put Christmas lights outside.” He was like, “You should go look at it.” It was December in Minnesota, and I’m from Phoenix. We wanted to leave early, but everybody was like, “No, don’t leave.” I’m thinking, “Gosh, we just got married.” BS: So nobody knew you’d gotten married? That was stuff you’d hear: “He should be concentrating on football.” SP: I’m sure he would love it if I would just shut up on that kind of stuff. The only distraction was fans saying, “It’s a distraction.” There was no distraction. I still was on the road six days a week doing college football. As far as a girlfriend taking up all his time, I didn’t have time for him. BS: Were you concerned at all about dating an NFL quarterback, considering you’re in the media? SP: There’s a reason no one even knew we were dating.

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By marrying the Vikings’ Christian Ponder, she also became known as a quarterback’s wife. I’m telling you, the thought that someone having a wife or girlfriend … People forget they play football at a professional level, but everybody has got a girlfriend or a wife or whatever. The thing that was funny to me was people saying, “This was a distraction.” Like I said, we went to Hudson to get married. I knew the comments that were going to be made and the questions about my credibility and all that kind of stuff.Our online community is a place to share, care, and connect with other single Christians living in Phoenix or one of the surrounding cities.

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