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Duryodhana made Karna a king, seeing him as a fitting match to Arjuna, and gifted him this area; hence the name Karnapur, which later became Kanpur.Kanpur's growth until the thirteenth century is shrouded in the mists of time.This provided a large continental mass which together with large rainfall in the catchment area and long term erosion generated /enlarged the river valleys of the Ganga.It is established that the Ganga once has flowed longitudinally behind the Himalaya.Sachin NP has developed a kettle, which can be controlled via an app and give you that perfect cup of tea. In a report by The Huffington Post, the details that are available of the app as of now tell us that one can control the temperature of the water through the app.Called Ocha 2.0, if one puts water inside the kettle and schedules it for boiling through the app, the same will be done on time – much like setting an alarm or a timer through your phone.

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Geologically, the Ganga is a very interesting system as the processes controlling valley formation and filling in this large river basin are extremely variable in space (Fig.1).

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