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Much of the Black population is educated and highly skilled.

Most of the remainder of Black Texans live in the smaller cities, towns, and rural areas of East and Southeast Texas.

There are also small Black populations in the cities and towns of West Texas and the Texas Panhandle such as Amarillo, Odessa, and El Paso.

Census of 1900 for Cameron County, Texas, which today is dominated by the cities of Harlingen and Brownsville, showed an unusual statistic.

Though small at first there has been a Black presence in Texas since the late 1700s when they accompanied Spanish pioneers.

Between 18 the Black slave population grew from 11,000 to about 182,000 encompassing approximately 30% of the states population and lived mainly in the fertile rural areas of East and Southeast Texas.

The Black population continued to grow after emancipation as many Blacks from other former slave states established “Freedom Towns” throughout the state.

Civil War and World War I one of the few regions south of the Mason-Dixon Line where racial miscegenation laws were frequently challenged.

As a consequence a small but significant number of prominent black-ethnic Mexican families emerged to complicate both the Anglo-Mexican and black- white racial dichotomies so common in the rest of the nation.In 2011 Texas had a Black population of 3,138,725 making the 3rd largest African American population in the United states after New York and Florida.