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01-Dec-2017 05:01

Predictors of CAM use were sex, religion, and profession; predictors of recommendation for the use of CAM were sex and profession.

Health care providers feel the future lies in integrative medicine.

"Laugh all you want to, but I am here to change history," she said in one of them.

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - The first known case of Zika virus transmission in the United States was reported in Texas on Tuesday by local health officials, who said it likely was contracted through sex and not a mosquito bite, a day after the World Health Organization declared an international public health emergency.

Previously, international health officials had noted one U. case of possible person-to-person sexual transmission. But the Pan American Health Organization said more evidence was needed to confirm sexual contact as a means of Zika transmission.

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In this undated photo provided by the Bland family, Sandra Bland poses for a photo.Pregnant women should avoid contact with semen from men exposed to the virus.

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