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She also created the first dolls with sleep eyes that could open and close, madame alexander dolls dating well as the first dolls manufactured out of hard plastic.

Her interest in fashion also led her to create the first full-figured doll, known as the Cissy doll, who sported haute couture styles of her day.

related Alexander Dolls 1923-1947 1970s MA Doll Face Molds Marks1948-1954 Alexander Maggie doll, 14-15, 17-18, 20-21, 22-23" tall, all hard plastic, jointed body walker - or non walker, floss human hair (not used after 1950), mohair, nylon or saran wig, chubby chipmunk cheeks, sleep eyes, closed mouth, more than thirty dolls used this face mold over the years, including 21" tall Portrait dolls; blonde Champ Elyses doll, red floss wig Pink Champagne doll of actress Arlene Dahl.

Maggie face dolls are marked: Alex, Alexander or (usually) unmarked.1948-1950 Alexander Mary Martin doll, 14 or 18" tall, the 14" doll came in a white formal, the 18" doll came in a sailor suit or chambray outfit.

The Margaret face molds are usually marked: Alexander or Alex.1951 Alexander Penny doll 34 or 42" tall or 1952 Barbara Jane doll 29" tall, cloth stuffed body, vinyl stuffed head, legs and arms, sleep or painted eyes, synthetic Newtar saran wig, closed mouth, usually marked ALEXANDER.

She has sleep eyes with molded lashes, with painted lashes underneath, one-stroke eyebrows, and pierced ears.

The first set of Madame Alexander dolls was released in 1933, prompted by the release of the “Little Women” film starring Katherine Hepburn.

This timely invention was a sensation, and the doll shop was saved.Inat the age of 28, Madame Alexander founded the Alexander Doll Company, realizing her dream of producing collectible dolls known for their impeccable design and craftsmanship.Madame Alexander was responsible for many important firsts in the doll industry, most notably the licensing of various characters from literature, film, and television to create dolls that were highly sought after due to their connection to popular culture.The information provided by the database includes: Whether you are a serious doll collector or have a few treasured Madame Alexander vintage dolls from your childhood and want to add to your collection, being aware of current Madame Alexander doll values helps you to shop wisely for the next beautiful addition to your doll shelf.

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Dolls similar to these were produced by the Madame Alexander Doll Company until 1956 at which point, the company began producing the smaller 8″ plastic dolls that begin to look more or less the way most women will remember them.Just as in the case of all antiques and collectibles, there are several different values attached to Madame Alexander dolls.