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They were formed during a lengthy process: During the folding of the Variscan orogeny, metamorphism occurred deep underground, forming slate and gneiss.

In addition, granite plutons intruded into the metamorphic rocks.

As the rock of the Ore Mountains was too brittle to be folded, it shattered into an independent fault block which was uplifted and tilted to the northwest.

This can be very clearly seen at a height of on the mountain of Komáří vížka which lies on the Czech side, east of Zinnwald-Georgenfeld, right on the edge of the fault block.

It has been calculated via carbon dating that the land was occupied some 22,000 years ago!

Back on Tableland Road, a further quarter hour drive takes you to Sunset Lookout or Mc Mahon’s Lookout providing views of Lake facilities, safe swimming, shelter and a children’s playground.

There are a large number of historic buildings, including the Imperial Hotel (1878), St Peter's Church of England (1874), The Manor House, built by John Fairfax in 1876 and the Toll Keepers Cottage (1849).

Traveller’, later renamed ‘Weatherboard Inn’ was an inn Built in 1826 at Pitt Park.

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