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I record the game, and record the call with pamela, then I sync the two files using an editing program. When I have a guest in my LPs, which is always, I record both of our commentary with a program called Pamela for Skype. Most of my games are DOS games, so when I play the games in DOSbox, I can just record the footage using it. If I am doing a solo LP, I record my voice in Audacity, record my footage in DOSbox, then sync the two together using an editing program. So before this week's column gets started, I figured I should introduce myself. I'm Caty Mc Carthy, and I’ve joined the USgamer team as the shiny, new Assistant Reviews Editor.In the past I’ve written for Kill Screen, The AV Club, Waypoint, Polygon, and IGN, and I’m looking forward to writing (a whole lot more) here!

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Joining initially as a male golden retriever called Hero and receiving a series of vapid and predictable 'matches' who were clearly very bored, the game changed when Mr Veix switched his gender to female. 'Lizze, 22, joined in the game and engaged in a series of 'woof woof' and '*wags tail*' type exchanges.

(The videos imported from social networks can be longer than 30 seconds, Hinge notes.) Instead, Hinge believes support for videos will allow members to better show who they really are, by sharing fun or memorable moments and activities from their lives.

This continues the dating service’s larger mission of helping users find relationships, not casual encounters.

Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the YKTTW system.

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I wish I could copy and paste answers I could just store in my nifty Microsoft Office Word Clipboard, however, I found writing a special section for FAQs would be more profitable. This week, both Hinge and Zoosk’s Lively are rolling out support for video, each in their own way.